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One-Day Workshop
Building and Managing an
Enterprise Taxonomy Framework

Facilitated by:
Janet Brimson, Managing Director and Principal Consultant, InfoRED

Early Bird: $795 + GST (Expires 5/10/2012)
Standard Pricing:  $895 + GST

Date: 8th November, Citigate Central, Sydney

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Registration and refreshments 9.00am
Workshop starts: 9.30 am
Workshop ends: 4.00 pm

The workshop will be divided into two parts:

  1. Introduction to information taxonomy for business
  2. A masterclass in the application of a taxonomy in the workplace including governance, management, application and extension.

The masterclass will use real project examples to help participants become familiar with the key uses of taxonomies in the workplace. It will address what needs to be considered in their design, creation, use, management and extension of an enterprise Taxonomy and its relationship to information and knowledge management business and systems processes. Practical examples will be provided throughout the day helping participants understand the numerous applications of taxonomy to navigation, other online presentation devices, to metadata and to user-centred information delivery.

About the workshop:
Taxonomy is a type of information scaffolding which helps pull business and applications together to meet the strategic vision. The taxonomy structures manage terminology, word and value sets for use across all other areas of the information and other enterprise architectures. The purpose of this workshop is to provide a solid understanding of taxonomy, its relationship to other information systems and architectures and how it can be applied. Participants will leave the workshop understanding the concepts of taxonomy and its relationship to enterprise information management. Janet will demonstrate why introducing enterprise taxonomy management to an organisation is important for customers, staff and other business stakeholders.

About the workshop leader:

Janet is a business & information architecture visionary. She focuses on enterprise-class, business & information governance, process & solution design. She has delivered over 120 projects and is the Director and Lead Architect for InfoRED Consulting.

Janet leads organisations in the design of effective future state architectures. These are achievable and designed to accelerate positive organisational change. She sees the landscape quickly, grasps the totality of the issues and systems under management and provide a practical path to change. Recently she created a new industrial relations taxonomy & management framework for federal government. Janet has specialist knowledge in enterprise visioning, information architecture, information governance, business decomposition, information asset management, metadata & taxonomy modelling & the use of SharePoint for business solutions.

She has led large complex projects relating to government compliance, departmental portfolio splits, state metadata standards and enterprise policy frameworks. Her broad knowledge of business models and ability to creatively express the vision of an organisation make her a highly regarded strategic business advisor.

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