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Best Practices in Social Media Governance

Author: Dion Lindsay
Year Published: 2012
Pages: 80
Price: A $495 + GST (plus $15 p&h)

Download Executive Summary

Best Practices in Social Media Governance talks about documenting the nature of social media, its uptake, and the benefits and risks involved in participation for your organisation. These are illustrated with case studies and examples of social media policies and guidelines. Above all, the report addresses the need for governance within organisations, and what it might take to maintain control of participation at the same time as allowing freedom for benefits to accrue in intrinsically unpredictable and uncontrollable ways.

Part One: A primer in social media governance

Chapter 1: What is social media?
Chapter 2: Why govern social media?
Chapter 3: The legal context – Protecting your IP on the internet
Chapter 4: Governance structures and documentation
Chapter 5: Creating a social media policy
By Lee Hopkins
Chapter 6: Managing social media participation
Chapter 7: Managing social media impact

Part Two: Social media governance in practice – Case studies and example policies

Case study 1: Domino’s Pizza
Case study 2: The Johnson & Johnson Motrin advertisement
Case study 3: Dell
Case study 4: ChapStick
Example policy 1: BBC
Example policy 2: The American Institute of Architects
Example policy 3: IBM


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