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Social Media - The Business Case and Beyond
Author: Ross Monaghan
Year Published: 2009
Pages: 178
Price: A $495 + GST (plus $15 p&h)
Format: Hard Copy

Download Table of Contents and Executive Summary

New communications technology and Web 2.0 have brought about significant change. Consumers and the community have access to low cost tools that give them a powerful voice, and allow them to connect with others across town, or across the globe. Internally, leading organisations are harnessing the power of social media to communicate and engage with employees. These same tools are being used by organisations to allow employees and contractors to collaborate like never before.

This report examines the emerging area of social media and stakeholder networks such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. With interviews with leading Australian and international online expert and case studies from the corporate, government and NGO it builds a case for the strategic use of social media tool to communicate, collaborate and engage with both internal and external stakeholders.

By combining international case studies with expert opinion Social Media – The Business Case and Beyond will assist you in:

  • How to build a business case for implementing social media strategies within an organisational communication function
  • Examining best practice and emerging trends to ensure return on investment
  • Ensuring effective measurement and monitoring is in place to ensure social media fits seamlessly within existing strategic communication activities and minimises any potential risk.


Acting as a road-map for those wanting direction and advice on an emerging and fast moving sector, this report will also provide tips and “how-to” advice that will benefit those new to the area, as well as those with experience in the field.

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