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Ark Group believes that the vast majority of business to business journals produced today are of very little practical benefit to their intended audience. Peer reviewed academic journals are inaccessible to Directors and Managers charged with strategic direction and implementation. Likewise trade magazines and journalist driven titles contain little more than gossip and press releases from vendors with clear vested interests.

Ark Group publications are different. The aim of every Ark Group publication is to create a community for learning, allowing you to develop ideas and concepts from your peers and leading edge organisations. Our communities incorporate every sector of industry and have a truly unique, global perspective. Only by doing this are we able to ensure that you get the best possible information and guidance at the right time, saving you time and money and allowing you to do your job better.


Ark Group reports are comprehensive and highly practical guides, designed with a hands-on approach to solving specific challenges facing organisations today. The series expands on the proven case study format and introduces unique Ark Group research and survey data to examine vital issues in closer detail, from knowledge management to business process outsourcing.


Reports Production:

Be involved in the next Ark Group Australia industry publication. We are offering organisations throughout Asia Pacific the opportunity to embed their company name, along with commentary about their solutions and any relevant success stories, into significant bodies of work being researched and created by Ark Group Australia in conjunction with industry thought leaders on a range of new and exciting projects.

Currently accepting input for the following topics:

| Data Quality | Business Process Management  | Social Media  |  Internal Communications |


Each Ark Group publication aims to provide you with a comprehensive resource through:

  • Independent case study driven printed magazines
  • Regular email newsletters
  • Websites and fully searchable case study archives

Contact for further details and order information or call 1300 550 662.

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