AGSM 2017 Workshop B



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Australian Government Social Media Toolkit 2017

Getting more bang for your buck: Social content creation

Registration: 12:30 am
Workshop starts: 1.00 pm
Afternoon tea break: 2.30 pm – 2.45 pm
Workshop ends 4.00 pm
Facilitated by: Chris Riordan, Senior Digital Media Advisor, Department of Health & Human Services @Sumo_21

About the workshop:
In a world where content is king, but budgets are tight, how can you create more content in house? More importantly, how do you best match that content to your social media channels?

Learn to use your digital assets to create a range of content across various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, even Soundcloud!

In this workshop Chris will draw upon 10 years of content creation and media experience to:
• Give tips and tricks on creating your own; video, photo and audio content
• Provide hands-on, practical advice on how to get the best results
• Tell you how to tailor this content to your social media channels

About the workshop leader:
Chris Riordan is the Senior Digital Media Advisor for the Department of Human Services in Victoria. Having completed a Bachelor of Business and a Bachelor of Arts (with Distinction), Chris promptly used the skills he garnered from 5 years of University to become a waiter. He then did a brief stint in an advertising agency before moving into the film and TV industry where he worked as a Producer for 5 years. During this time he worked on TV commercials, short films, corporate videos and video clips for bands like The John Butler Trio and The Cat Empire. He then made a lateral move into the public sector and after 2 years of working in
Communications at the Department of Human Services, he established the Department's video production unit.
Over the last 5 years he has filmed and edited hundreds of videos, ranging from staff stories and messages from the Secretary to project launch videos and awards night videos. He has trained up his fellow communications team members and now has a team of people working on Digital Media production. He also looks after the hosting of the Department's videos as well as the Department's social media presence. He founded and maintains a shadowy network of fellow video people across the Victorian Public Service (called the Secret Society of Government Video Editors), and is passionate about getting more people to tell
their stories through video.