POST- FORUM Workshops

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Workshop A
From Beginning to End: Insights into building an AV digitisation and preservation program

Registration: 8.30 am
Workshop starts: 9.00 am
Workshop ends: 12.00 pm

Facilitated by:

Adam Hodgkinson, Business Manager and Andrew Martin, Media Migration Manager, DAMsmart @DAMsmart

About the workshop:

The workshop will:

• Identify why preserving content on videotape, film and audio tape is an urgent issue.

• Walk through a best-practice approach to AV digitisation to enable digital preservation.

• An introduction to effective and efficient approaches and tools for digital preservation.

The GLAM sector, like all media custodians, is in the midst of a technology-driven watershed. GLAM organisations are urgently developing action plans to save content kept in physical media archives to address the threat of technology obsolesce and degrading physical media formats.

Our workshop will look at why preserving audiovisual (AV) content on videotape, film and audio tape is a pressing issue and give details as to why there is only a short window of opportunity left for collection custodians to save their content.

We then walk you through an AV digitisation project framework and detail the role of such a framework in the digital preservation journey. This will provide practical and tangible steps that can be taken by you to develop and undertake an AV digitisation program to enable digital preservation of your content. We will focus on key stages of the transformation journey – from understanding your collection through to the ongoing preservation of your digital video and sound collection.

By the end of the session, you will have an end-to-end understanding of the physical to digital conversion and preservation process for AV content. There are also opportunities during the workshop to ask questions about issues that are relevant to your organisation.

To help bring the digitisation journey to life, the workshop will provide details from real-life digitisation case studies from organisations like the National Archives of Australia, the archive team at SBS Television and Wollongong University.

About the workshop leaders:

Adam and Andrew work at DAMsmart, Australia’s leading specialist AV digitisation and preservation services provider. Their extensive experience and knowledge comes from working with GLAM sector clients to digitise their content held on videotape, film and audio tape to make it accessible today and preserving it for the future, such as: the Australian War Memorial, National Archives of Australia, State Library NSW, SBS, Queensland State Archives, Newcastle City Council Library, Pimple Ladies College Archive and the Australian Museum.

Workshop B
Grassroots Digital Preservation – establishing the foundations for small scale and private collections in the digital future

Registration: 12.30 pm
Workshop starts: 1.00 pm
Workshop ends: 4.00 pm

Facilitated by: Aaron Richardson, Freelance Archivist @AaronPRMedusa

About the workshop:

Everyone has a story and that story has the right to be told.

This workshop will address:

• Preservation Needs Assessment prior to the commencement of a digitization program.

• Understanding your audience and how to implement “best practice solutions” to digital preservation to suit their needs and expectations.

• From metadata to “mega-data” – making your collection speak to the community and beyond.

The majority of materials that are in need of digital preservation rest not in the major collections within the GLAM sector, but in the hands of small scale community groups and private collections. To ensure that we keep the stories and information which builds our greater institutes, it’s imperative that we address the gap in digital understanding and basic practices from the grassroots up.

This workshop will follow through the process of assessing a collection for digital preservation, isolating the key areas of concern and how to plan and implement efficient practices to ensure the longevity of the collection.

About the workshop leader:

Aaron Richardson is a recent graduate from Curtin University, a member of RIMPA, the ASA and has recently been elected to the committee for the Victorian Branch of the ASA. He established White Dragon Archives in 2016, specialising in the preservation of AV materials for private and small-scale collections. With over 25 years’ experience as a professional in the Performing Arts, Aaron brings a unique insight into the importance of storytelling and community participation within the GLAM sector.