Jeanne Holm, City of Los Angeles, UCLA and United Nations
Bill Kaplan, Founder and Principal Consultant,Working KnowledgeCSP
John P. Girard, Ph.D., Peyton Anderson Endowed Chair and Professor Middle Georgia State University
Mr. Cory Lee Cannon, United Nations Command/Combined Forces Command/United States Forces Korea
Erik Dober, Senior Solicitor – Technology Specialist, Office of Public Prosecutions Victoria
Dr. Marigo Raftopoulos, Strategic Innovation Lab
Jacqueline Linke, Sydney Trains
Sarah Zuiderduin, Department of Defence
Tim Price, CIO, Indigenous Land Corporation
David Pender, Knowledge Perspectives, University of Adelaide, Block Chain Global Advisors
Amber Glynn, Knowledge and Innovation, Australian Securities Exchange
Carolyn Austin, Associate Director, Knowledge and Practice Support, Australia, K&L Gates
Geri Overberg, Telstra Operations
Rob Wilkins, Leader – Information Management, NSW Department of Education
Stuart McKinnon, SBS Bank
Lisa Marie Jackson, Manager Standards and Review, Emergency Management Victoria


Natural KM Resources from the Speakers

Bill Kaplan, Working KnowledgeCSP LLC
linkedin.com/in/billkaplank   Twitter: @billkaplankm

https://workingknowledge-csp.com – many resources and downloads to choose from 

Knowledge Management Framework

Bill Kaplan's 2010 book, "Losing Your Minds: Capturing, Retaining and Leveraging Organizational Knowledge" – find out more from Bills website

Cory Lee Cannon
linkedin.com/in/cannonco Twitter: @cannonco
Recent posts
Knowledge Management vs Information Management inside the DoD
Knowledge Managment in a Combined/Joint Environment
Taking Time to Deliver Value
Community of Practices Services

Jeanne Holm
linkedin.com/in/jeanneholm Twitter: JeanneHolm


Article:  CIO: A data 'revolutionary' on building a better world

John P. Girard
linkedin.com/in/johngirard Twitter: johngirard    Websites: http://www.sagology.com  http://www.johngirard.net/

New Release book: Knowledge Management Matters


Erik Dober, Senior Solicitor – Technology Specialist, Office of Public Prosecutions Victoria
linkedin.com/in/esdober  Twitter: @OPP_Vic
Erik is an experienced criminal lawyer who has prosecuted serious offences in Victorian courts. He is part of a team of solicitors developing the Office of Public Prosecutions’ knowledge management platform and has devised technology-based solutions for the legal practice.
Prior to working at the OPP, Erik developed judicial education projects for Victorian judges and magistrates. Erik holds a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Bachelor of Economics from La Trobe University, and a Graduate Diploma (Legal Practice) from the Australian National University.

Stuart McKinnon, Simplification and Productivity Manager, SBS Bank


2With a career in Banking Stuart is now Manager of Simplification and Productivity at SBS Bank based in the deep south of NZ.  As a mutual and owned by its members SBS is keen to demonstrate good practice in productivity and making banking simple for its members and team.  Having, managing and following policy and process is critical whilst having the ability to find, use and store them has led to Knosys.    Stuart leads a team of people charged with making a difference and is chipping away day by day


https://www.linkedin.com/company/knosys/       Twitter: https://twitter.com/knosys 
Knosys takes the management of knowledge to the next level and delivers access to all your company's information to everyone's fingertips. The Knosys software suite lets you manage your enterprise knowledge as a strategic asset and facilitate better collaboration, better decision making and better business outcomes.

Good article: John Thompson, CEO Knosys Limited, on How To Take Control of Your Organizational Knowledge

Shawn Callahan 
linkedin.com/in/shawncallahan Twitter: @ShawnCallahan

Websites: anecdote.com thestorytest.com

Award winning author of Putting Stories to Work

Good article: The role of stories in data storytelling

Dr Marigo Raftopoulos
linkedin.com/in/marigoraftopoulos @marigo

Website: www.strategicinnovationlab.com

Good article: Common mistakes in CRM Gamification

Brilliant Thesis on: How Organisations Play: Creating Stakeholder Value with Enterprise Gamification

Lisa Marie Jackson

Articles: How can we get the right lessons to the right people and actually learn? – Two More Chains
From the Australian Journal of Emergency Management: The influence of organisational culture on learning lessons: implementing a lessons management life cycle

David Pender

Sarah Zuiderduin

Carolyn Austin
linkedin.com/in/carolynaustin1 Twitter: @carolynaustin

Tim Price

Article: CIO: Q&A: Indigenous Land Corporation CIO, Tim Price

Geri Overberg

Amber Glynn

Jacqueline Linke

Rob Wilkins
linkedin.com/in/dawilkos @wilko64